“Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Teach them to observe all things that I have commanded you.  And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” - Matthew 28:19-20

We believe that we have been called to use the gifts God has given us to reach unbelievers for Him and to encourage, and build up His Church.

Marion the Librarian

Marion the Librarian wakes promptly at 7:30, drinks her coffee; only decaf 

(can't be jittery in the stacks)

She neatly makes her bed and folds her flannel pajamas. 

Now dressed in one of several identical pleated skirts,

and one of a few identical button down shirts,

sensible shoes and proper deportment

When It's 8:40 AM, she leaves her apartment..

She allows herself exactly five minutes to cross the street, unlock the main entrance, and check the book return bin.

Library opens promptly at nine.

She fondly remembers the line

that went across the parking lot that day when the second Harry Potter book first arrived.

 That's the only day anyone was waiting early

But it could happen again, so she has to be ready..


20 years she's been the head librarian in town.

20 years of helping high school kids learn how to cite papers,

helping the old codgers in town find the next Louis L'Amour book,

telling school kids when the Goosebumps Book they've been waiting for should finally be available.

And 20 years of so much silence and isolation 

20 years of reshelving books, dusting desks and sending out late notices.

20 years of the townsfolk joking about her endless parade of "lovers":

 Shakespeare, Chaucer, Thoreau, Tolkien, Chesterton and more...

20 years of waiting until exactly  four

When her day ends, and she locks the door.

(What if, at exactly 3:59 a codger came in for a Louis L'Amour)

Her sensible shoes carry her feet

Out the main exit and across the street.

Marian the librarian checks her mail and walks with dignity and composure up the stairs 

To her apartment

Like she's done for the past 20 years.

Closes the shades, puts on comfortable shoes,

eats a well balanced meal, then the six o'clock news ...


But then, oh then

,Only when

the news is over...

That ring:

 too absurdly big for a token of a some man's affection.

Perhaps, in some symbolic way, it's Marian's social 'circle'.-..

That ring calls her again.

A plastic hoop from her childhood.

She steps into the center of the circle,

gives it a flick

gyrates her hips,

And her plastic hoop spins and it spins and it spins and it spins.

Effortlessly whirling in innumerable rotations

With the joy of a child on summer vacation

It spins and it spins and it spins and it spins.

Sometimes a half hour, sometimes late into the night.

It spins and it spins and it spins and it spins.

Until Marian the librarian is ready

for her flannel pajamas again,

Ready to sleep, and ready for the morning

When she starts  her twenty-first year

As the dignified lady at the desk of the small town's library.

While  an invaluable, magical, secret ring

Waits at home to set her free again.





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A Few Testimonies

The presentation was fun and encouraging... The gospel message was clear and encouraging. I purchased your book and just finished it. Your scope is broad and again encouraging. May God continue to bless your ministry. I will encourage others to read your book. -Parishioner of a local church

"Hey, I  wanted to say that was a great message in chapel today! It touched something:) thanks for doing it!" -High School Student  

"We are so grateful that you brought your amazing ministry back to our church this year... The Gospel message you bring applies to all!  It is such a positive, valuable work that you do."  -Coordinator of Christian Ed. UCC Church

"There's no questioning it. This is powerful stuff. It's extremely touching at times, never less than entertaining, and I see a lot of sincere love for Jesus in you guys."  -Dwight Lilies, song writer

The Lord has given you a wonderful window through which to present the Gospel!   - Field Director of Alliance Missions to Paraguay

"What a wonderful ministry to both children and adults.  In past years it has been a struggle to arrange programing that would hold the attention of all ages, but also challenge each heart with God's gift of Salvation.  Thank you for sharing your ministry."  -Sunday School Sup't.

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